Reviving Our Corals

Reviving corals, reviving our oceans

WWF-Hong Kong has launched the “Reviving Our Corals” initiative to restore corals, a vital part of our marine ecosystem.

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Why corals?

Home to over 25% of all marine life, corals are the engineers of our oceans. Without corals, our marine ecosystems would have been much less vibrant and diverse.

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Our Mission

Hong Kong’s coral communities have greatly diminished in size and quality over the past 50 years. We are keenly aware of what has been lost, and our mission is to use our knowledge and passion to restore these precious coral communities – because when corals are revived, our oceans can thrive!

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Our Global Efforts

The “Reviving our Corals” initiative aligns with WWF’s global mission and coral conservation and restoration efforts. This project is also aligned with the Coral Reef Rescue Initiative (CRRI), a global programme that aims to conserve climate resilient coral reefs by working with communities to reduce local stressors including pollution, unsustainable development and overfishing.  CRRI promotes protection and management approaches that contribute to coastal resilience, livelihoods and sustainable economies. 

Take Action

Join us now to restore corals in Hong Kong by becoming a Coral Protector!