Become a Coral Protector

Restoring our local coral communities is not an impossible mission, but it does require effort and your support.

© Vinícius Yeung / WWF-Hong Kong

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Thanks for helping restore our ocean, you will receive:

A Personalized E‑Certificate

A Personalized Coral Protector Certificate will be sent to you by email to acknowledge your help with restoring our marine ecosystem, you can frame it or share it on social media.

Regular Coral Updates

You will receive news by email about the coral restoration programme, from collecting coral fragments to returning them to their natural habitat, along with updates from the coral experts to learn more about how the programme is doing. 

*A Coral Cookie Painting Workshop

Coral cookies are important for nurturing fragile coral fragments by providing substrate for them to grow onto. As a Coral Protector, you will be invited to design your own coral cookie that will later be used for the coral restoration.

*A Special Glass-Bottomed Boat Trip

You will be invited to take a guided tour on our glass-bottomed boat at the Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre to visit some special spots in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park to observe the diversity of corals and fish that can be found there.

*An Exclusive Coral Nurturing Tour

As a Coral Protector, you will be invited to join an exclusive tour to follow the journey of coral restoration, from designing the coral cookies and participating in the coral anchoring process, to even nursing the corals in the nursery at our facility. You can witness the tangible impact you have brought to our ocean. Finally, the coral fragments will be transplanted to the designated restoration site by the CUHK research team.

* The coral-inspired activities will be offered once per annum if donors maintain the monthly donation active.

* The coral-inspired activities will be offered once.

Why give monthly?

Ongoing support

By donating monthly, you sustain our mission by providing reliable funding that keeps our conservation work going.


Lasting impact

As a recurrent donor, you are joining our journey by helping us reach our long-term goals and plan efficiently to scale up the coral restoration and other conservation work.

© Jason Lau / WWF-Hong Kong

Conservation is never a one-person job
We need your support!

Your donation will help fund our work from coral restoration to coral research projects with the Coral Academy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, MPA advocacy work and other vital conservation work in Hong Kong and around the world.